Week Preview for 2/12/24

🔷 Schedule: this is a vacation week for many people. We are planning a regular schedule but will be removing empty classes earlier than normal on an as needed basis. So, to ensure having a class and helping us out please sign in for the week now. To those skiing in Colorado and the rest in Disney, have a fun and safe Mardi Gras! 😂😉

🔷 Programming: we just finished up a 6-week cycle with the Back Squat and Deadlift. Congrats on all those PRs! This is our last month to prep for the Open starting on 3/1/24 so you’ll see past Open workouts, Benchmarks, and plenty of movements to help you prep for a fun 3 weeks of Friday Night Lights and 2024 Open Workouts. Also, the Open Shirts have arrived and will be on the front counter for pickup!

🔷 Slate Milk is a new drink in the fridge! Great for a post workout boost with 20g of protein and no added sugar. It’s an on the go protein shake or there’s also an iced coffee flavor. Just $4 per can to help with recovery, a snack, or a treat.

Ally and Tony plate G2OH
Sibling WOD! Ally and Tony crushing some Plate Ground to Overhead.


Strength: Overhead or Front Squat
Workout: OHS/FS, Hang Snatch/Clean, Toes-to-Bar, and Double Unders

Skill: Handstand Push Up
Classic Benchmark Workout: “Diane” is a sprint of Deadlifts and Handstand Push Ups

Workout: Partner or Solo Options but we’re going for 30 minutes either way with a Cardio option, Plate Ground to Overhead, Plate Lunges, and Up-Downs

Workout: Quality day working through Turkish Get Ups, Gorilla Rows, Situps, and Dumbbell Front Rack Holds
Core Finisher: Dumbbell Slides and Hollow Flutter Kicks

Strength: Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Hang Clean
Workout of the Week: Descending rep workout with the same barbell movements in strength along with Runs and Box Jumps. Loads and heights increase!

Workout: “Open WOD 20.5” has Muscle Ups, Rowing, and Wall Balls in any order you choose

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