Week Preview for 2/10/20


🔷 Congratulations to everyone who Leveled Up in Categories and Overall during this round of Level Method testing!  Be sure to pick up your certificates in class and we’ll be taking pics to celebrate.

🔶 Weightlifting Course begins Saturday, February 29th and will last for 4 weeks meeting every Saturday morning at 8am.  Cost will be just $60 for the course!  This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about the Olympic lifts and drill in good habits to improve your workouts.  We’ll have more info in the FB group.  Reach out if you’re ready to sign up!

IMG 2456
Jessica working through clean & jerks during the Open


Monday:  3 Power Clean + 1 Jerk for strength work then an interval triplet with Air Squats, Hang Clean & Jerks, and Lateral Burpees over the Bar.

Tuesday: Bench Day then a gymnastic workout with Toes-to-Bar and Double Unders.

Wednesday:  Running, Overhead Squats, and Bar Muscle Ups make up this longer triplet.

Thursday:  Getting gymnasty again with Strict Handstand Push Ups, Strict Pull Ups, Box Jump Overs, and Rowing.  You’ll have the option of completing this workout in any order partitioning reps.  Have some fun with it!

Friday:  Deadlift strength work hitting triples with a reset then a triplet of light Deadlifts, Walking Lunges, and Ab Mat Situps.

Saturday: Partner WOD!  Shoulder to Overhead, Front Squats, Runs, and Double Unders.

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