Week Preview for 2/3/20


🔷 Final Week of the #800gChallenge!  Let’s finish strong and keep those good habits going in the next months.

🔶 We’re on Week 3 of the Level Method Testing Period in Group Classes!  By now you should have an idea of how these classes will run.  This week will be a little different as many people have already tested so we’ll see more people choosing the optional strength and conditioning work.  So, be prepared for what you’re doing by looking in your BTWB and Level Method apps.

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Sean working on deadlifts during the 2020 Open


Optional Strength and Workouts will be listed in the TRAIN and/or COMPETE levels in your Beyond The Whiteboard app.  We will modify workouts to suit your needs so ask your coach!


  • Test: Squat Endurance OR Back Squat 15-12-8 or Split Squat 3 x 16
  • Test: Kettlebell OR 3 RFT: 40 KB Snatch, 12 Burpee Pull Up


  • Test: Aerobic Power Intervals OR Partner WOD AMRAP 17: 2k Row (buy-in), Hang Power Cleans, Toes-to-Bar, and Shuttle Runs


  • Test: Deadlift OR Build to heavy 5
  • Test: Upper/Lower Endurance OR AMRAP 10: 8 Push Press, 12 DB FR Lunge


  • Test: Rings OR Weighted Ring Dip 
  • Test: Rowing OR AMRAP 20: Double Unders, Run, Box Step Up, and Wall Balls


  • Test: Upper Body Pull OR Weighted Chin Up 5 x 3
  • Test: Lactic Tolerance OR 15-12-9 Thruster, BF Burpee, C2B


  • 9am: Level Method Makeup
  • 10am: PARTNER WOD!  Runs, DB Snatches, and Push Ups.
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