Week Preview for 12/27/21

🔷 We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas weekend!  One more week of fitness until we start 2022.  Reminder, we will be running a New Year Kickstart for those who want some accountability in the


🔷Schedule: New Years Eve 9am Only.  No Class on Saturday, New Years Day.  Empty classes will be cancelled early as many are working out at different times and/or traveling.  So sign in early and please do sign out early as well if not coming.


IMG 5658
Group getting through the 12 Days of CrossFit BR workout!




Getting an opportunity to go heavy with the Clean & Jerk!  We’ve been practicing the jerk the last month so hopefully we see some PRs from your hard work.  Workout is an interval so can be as hard or easy as you make it with Cal Rows, Burpees, and Russian KB Swings.



Fun and interesting triplet that starts with a 400m Run then Box Jump Overs and you’ll be doing as many Toes-to-Bar as possible in time remaining.  It’ll be interesting to find the right pace for yourself and get in those reps.  Post WOD will be a pump session with Dumbbell Curls, Lateral Raises, and Dumbbell Tricep Extensions.



Front Squat 3RM (rep max) for strength time today!  You’ve been working on it so now is the time to get heavy after cleaning up technique.  Bodyweight triplet of Double Unders, Air Squats, and Push Ups will be a good finisher here to get in a sweat and keep that heart rate pumping.



Bench Day!  Hitting triples on the bench and it’ll be up to you on loading today.  Quick and challenging couplet of Power Cleans and Dumbbell Snatches will get grippy and burn a bit so move well early!



Spicy partner WOD to end the year!  We’ve got Hang Power Snatches, Hang Squat Cleans, Push Jerks, and Pull Ups to chip through.



Happy New Year!  No Classes today.


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