Week Preview for 12/13/21

🔷 12 Days of CrossFit BR Workout is coming up this Saturday!  Grab your spot now and be sure to cancel early (night before) if you won’t be able to make it so others can tackle this annual event.


IMG 6900
Post-WOD pic from the 12 Days of CrossFit BR WOD in 2020




Working a clean complex to drill in better habits before hitting an interval workout of Hang Power Cleans and Rowing.  It’s been a long weekend after our Christmas party so you can go as hard or easy as needed to sweat that out.



Continuing our overhead work with the Split Jerk or another progression.  Chance now to go heavier if able!  Workout has a Jackie feel but will be a quick chipper of 800m Run, Thrusters, and Handstand Push Ups.



Hitting Tempo Deadlifts again but pairing with a Strict Pulling Variation (weighted, strict/banded, or negatives) for strength time.  Workout is a quick couplet of Deadlifts and Pull Ups to finish things out with more intensity and volume.



Getting back on the Front Squats working doubles and singles if you’ve been following along.  Workout is a nice moderate triplet of 200m Runs, Wall Balls, and Ab Mat Situps.



Bench Day!  Working sets of 5 on the bench press before going into a quick AMRAP of Box Jump Overs, Dumbbell Snatches, and Double Unders.



12 Days of CrossFit BR!  This is not a partner WOD but could be.  This is a very high volume workout so choose movements that you won’t get stuck on.  More info will be in the BTWB app but just know it is performed just as the song is sung so go listen to it this week if needed.  Sign in early to get a spot and please don’t late cancel and/or no-show as this will fill up.

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