Week Preview for 1/3/22

🔷 First week of the New Year!  Let’s get started on some fun workouts and new goals.

🔷 New Year Kickstart registration is live.  You may sign up through your ZP app.  This will be a four week program with weekly check ins.  We will have daily/weekly goals along with the accountability check ins.  First 15 clients are accepted!  Reach out for more details or go ahead and sign up through your app.


IMG 4473
What skills will you improve this year? Here’s Tony working on handstands.




Getting overhead to start the week with the Push Press.  Workout will be a quicker triplet of Strict Pull Ups, Push Ups, and a light Power Clean.  This should keep you moving and feel full body.



Deadlift day going back into regular deadlifts.  We’ve been working a bunch of tempo so now put that bar path practice into action.  There’s a triplet for conditioning with Rowing, Wall Balls, and Med Ball Box Step Ups.



Working doubles on the Hang Power Snatch for strength time then getting into a dumbbell + run workout for conditioning.  Single Arm DB Hang Squat Cleans, Single Arm DB Push Press and 400m Runs for a good one to keep you breathing and moving.



Gymnastics skill work in an EMOM format working progressions of Chest to Bar Pull Ups and Pistols to start the day.  Simple but effective repeat workout of Double Unders and Burpees for a quick conditioning workout.  This is a re-test from the quarantine WODs that CrossFit HQ released.



Strength time features a little volume on the Back Squat with a 4 x 6.  Conditioning is nice AMRAP couplet of Hang Power Clean & Jerks along with Box Jump Overs.



Partner WOD will be alternating full rounds of Russian Kettlebell Swings, 200m Runs, and Dumbbell Snatches.  Quick and unbroken rounds so a good chance to push those runs today!


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