Week Preview for 12/6/21

🔷 CFBR Christmas Party is this Saturday, December 11th!  Last call on buying tickets as we need to get in a head count on Monday.  Check the FB group or your email for details on that.

🔷 Nutrition Kickstart will kick off in January!  This is an early heads up but we’ll be running a kickstart challenge to help you get back on track to start the new year.  Registration and more details will be released this week.  For now, we have an initial meeting set for 1/7/22 and the challenge kicking off on 1/10/22.

🔷 12 Days of Christmas WOD will be on 12/18/21.  Just another early heads up if you’re in town and want to get in on the action this year!

IMG 0380
Amanda working on Burpee Box Jump Overs during our Fall Brawl event.




Working single-leg strength with Dumbbell Front Rack Step Ups.  Workout is a sneaky triplet of Med Ball Cleans, Push Ups, and Box Jumps for a good leg and arm pump.  Keep yourself honest on these movements which will make it tough but make you better.  Easy to short that med ball clean so make sure to squeeze at the top before pulling into the squat.



Longer running and gymnastics workout!  400m Runs, Pull Ups, and Toes-to-Bar on an AMRAP.  This is a great opportunity to hold a higher heart rate for a longer period while also building volume in strength in these gymnastic movements.



Practicing the Split Jerk again with a Pause at the receiving (overhead) position.  Working singles this time but we’ll adjust this as needed for everyone.  Workout is a named WOD called “Grettel” which is a nasty version of Grace.  We’re combining Clean & Jerks and Bar-Facing Burpees for a short and sweet burner.



Interval workout with Double Unders, Russian Kettlebell Swings, Cal Rowing, and Ab Mat Situps so you can hit this as easy or hard as needed based on your schedule this week.  We also have post WOD strength work of Dumbbell Floor Press and Dumbbell Curls for a nice pump to finish out.



Strength work will have Tempo Deadlifts along with Strict Handstand Push Ups.  Work time under tension for the deadlifts and practice a progression on the HSPU to improve.  Workout is a short barbell couplet of Power Snatches and Overhead Squats.



Partner WOD featuring Thrusters, Box Jump Overs, and Rope Climbs.  It’s a nasty one but you need it before our Christmas Party tonight.  😉

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