Week Preview for 11/6/23

🔷 Getting an opportunity to 1RM the Overhead Squat or Front Squat before starting the next strength cycle. Be sure to focus on quality lifts and full range of motion first while going for a PR!

🔷 Hero WOD “Chad” on Saturday for Veteran’s Day! It’s a challenge but easily scaleable to what you need for the day!

Ladies Bench Press
The ladies like hitting the bench press too! 💪🏆 Great to see all of the PR’s last week.


Workout: Long EMOM with 200m Runs, Single-Arm Russian KB Swings, and Situps

Strength: Overhead or Front Squat 1RM
Workout: Quick ascending ladder of Front Squats and Double Unders

Skill: Ring Muscle Up or other Gymnastic Pulling Progression
Benchmark Workout: “Devil on my Shoulders” is a bodyweight workout with Ring Muscle Ups (Pull Ups + Push Ups for Fitness) and Burpees

Quality Workout: Buy-In and Buy-Out with a Cardio Choice (Row/Bike/Run) with rounds of Situps and Back Rack Lunges in the middle

Skill: Gymnastics Pressing and Hang Power Snatches
Workout: Cal Rows, Hang Power Snatch, and Gymnastic Pressing (Strict HSPU, HR Push Up, etc.)

Hero WOD: “Chad” is 1000 Step Ups for Time with a load. Be smart and modify to 750/500/250/100 step ups and reduce load as needed!

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