Week Preview for 10/30/23

🔷 Final Week of this Strength Cycle! You’ll have an opportunity to 1RM the Bench Press and Power Clean. We’ll have time in these strength sessions so get a good warmup and don’t jump up loads too quickly!

🔷 November Strength will again focus on Wave Loading. The movements for this cycle will be the Back Squat, Deadlift, and Push Jerk! You will also see an Oly day each week to keep those skills intact. To move along with this you’ll have a lot of moderate time MetCons with some short and longer ones mixed in. We’re trying to pack a lot into your hour so come in prepared as that helps us get more quality coaching done!

Vance OHS
Vance has been putting in work to learn and practice the Overhead Squat during this last cycle


Strength: Bench Press 1RM
Workout: ascending ladder of Box Jumps and Wall Balls for sprint intervals

Skill: EMOM of Power Snatches and Hang Clean & Jerks
Workout of the Week: “Witch Way?” is a pyramid style workout with Power Snatches, Hang Clean & Jerks, Burpees, and a Cal Row

Skill: Toes-to-Bar
Workout: Farmers Carry, Double Unders, Cardio, and Toes-to-Bar

Skill: Segmented Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean
Workout: AMRAP of Running, Push Ups, and Walking Lunges

Strength: Power Clean 1RM
Workout: EMOM style with a Heavy Power Clean and Pull Ups

Benchmark Workout: “Infinity Loop” is a shoulder burner with multiple pieces including the Push Press at varying loads along with Up-Downs, Burpees, and finally Bar-Facing Burpees. As always, there is a solo or partner option available!

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