Week Preview for 11/14/22

🔷 Christmas party may move to 12/2 with LSU securing the SEC Championship game.  We’ll chat this week in the FB group to consider who all is coming.


IMG 2950
Vi and Shelby working through lunges and push press during an early morning workout.




Getting in a Deadlift strength session to kick off the week followed by a quick triplet.  The MetCon has 400m Runs, Hang Power Cleans, and Front Squats.  Moderate load and volume with a rest so you can push the pace!



Practicing a Pause Push Press + Push Press to drill in quality on that initial dip + drive.  Gymnastics triplet of Push Ups, Pull Ups, and Strict Ab Mat Situps to hit the upper body and keep you moving.



Back Squat triples to work your backside on hump day!  More of a strength day with the squats then a workout of Weighted Box Step Ups, Suitcase Carries, and 500m Rows.



Interval workout of Cal Rowing, Double Unders, and Parallette Pass Throughs.  You’ll have the opportunity to go as hard or as easy as needed with the moving clock.



Working on the Clean & Jerk for strength time then we have a fun chipper-looking barbell workout with Power Cleans, Hang Squat Cleans, Push Press, Push Jerk, and 400m Runs sprinkled in there.



Partner (or solo) WOD with Russian Kettlebell Swings, Pull Ups, and Box Jump Overs.  Nice conditioning workout to start the weekend!


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