Week Preview for 10/7/19


🔷 Friday Night Lights kicks off this week at 6pm!  WOD 20.1 is on 10/11/19.  You can still join a team!

🔷 Team Shirts & Tanks are available in the online store.  Order now if you hadn’t!!!  They can take time (2+ weeks) to print and ship.  There’s also a bunch of new fall gear in already so stock up.

🔷 Your programming during the 5 weeks of the Open can be challenging as we do not know what the Friday workout will be.  Watch your volume and intensity on movements that will leave you super sore starting on Wednesdays.  I will be programming the heavier or higher volume work on Monday & Tuesday each week and begin to taper off some starting on Wednesdays.  Everyone is different though so adjust as needed.

🔷 We’re planning to do “Weightlifting Wednesdays” each week of the Open where we’ll really break down some drills and pieces of a movement in the warmup then give ample time for practicing that movement.  This week we’ll have a little finisher if time allows but we may only do pure strength work as well some weeks.  Point of these sessions will be getting more moderate to light loading barbell work not in a metcon so you can drill in good habits.


IMG 4280
Sadie working HSPU during the 2019 CFBR Open



MON: Quick Classic Couplet of 400m Runs 🏃🏻‍♀️ and Push Jerks.  Challenge the loading as able!  Gymnastics strength work after of Strict Pull Ups and Strict T2B/K2E.

TUE: Lower volume Front Squat Strength then an AMRAP of light Deadlifts, Power Cleans, and Bar-Facing Burpees.  Practicing to keep moving with good form.

WED: 🏋🏻‍♂️Weightlifting Wednesday!  OLY Work practicing snatches (cleans for LIVE) for most of the class then a non-timed quality work session of DB Lunges and DB Rows to finish.

THUR: Longer sweat 💦 and skill session to move around before we find out what the 20.1 Friday workout will be. EMOM with Rowing, Rings (MU or Dips), Double Unders, and Runs.

FRI: Open WOD 20.1 will be announced by HQ online at 7pm.  Tune in to the Rogue feed to watch.  5am, 6am, and 9am classes will be doing this workout in 2 groups then we have Friday Night Lights in heats beginning at 6pm.

SAT: TBD based on what 20.1 brings us.

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