2020 CFBR CrossFit Open

The “2020” version of our Friday Night Lights kicks off next Friday, October 11th.  As the CrossFit Games season schedule has changed, we now have a second CrossFit Open this year.  This Open will be the official start of the 2020 CrossFit Games season so will be referred to with the year 2020.

We will again be doing the workouts every Friday in classes and at the big event of Friday Night Lights which starts at 6pm for the 5 Weeks of the Open.

Since we’re just looking to have some fun with the online competition and not going to make it to the CrossFit Games, we split everyone into 4 Teams to make it a little interesting and fun.  This post is to give you all info and answer some FAQ to make this run smoothly whether you’ve participated with us or not.

Here’s a quick rundown of things to know:

  • Anyone can participate!  By doing the workout you’ll earn your team a point each week.  Extra points will be earned by top scores in each division but the teams who usually “win” are the ones with the most participation.
  • You can still join a team if you hadn’t.  Reach out to a captain or team member to join.  Current teams listed below.
  • Open workouts are completed at the Friday Night Lights 6pm event or in classes on Friday (5am, 6am, 9am only).  Classes will be split into 2 groups for judging purposes.  FNL will run heats until everyone has participated.  Make-ups will be available only during our Saturday 8am slot that is usually Level Method Make Up.  Any other time may be reserved with a coach for a 1-on-1 PT session.
  • Signing up through the CrossFit Games site is encouraged but not mandatory.  It’s fun to see where you stack up with the world over the years!
  • HQ puts out an Rx and Scaled version of the workout each week.  As needed, we will add other options to keep everyone involved and make it fun.  Again, participating earns a point!  We want everyone to challenge themselves but also stay safe and get a workout.
  • Team Shirts and Tanks are available through our Online Store powered by MDI apparel.  Choose your team color!  Stock up on some fall gear while you’re in there.
  • Judging:  this is to help you keep a correct rep count and movement standards.  We want this to be fair for everyone to keep it fun.  Keep your fellow competitors honest and don’t be afraid to “no-rep” someone.
  • Drop-Ins: if you have a friend in town who does CrossFit (or if you’re traveling and reading this) we will take and judge drop ins at the times listed for Fridays.  They must go to our schedule page and register for the class.
  • Spectators:  Friends and family are welcome to come watch Friday Night Lights!  Please keep everyone off of the workout floor and do not have friends or kids playing with or on equipment.

That’ll cover most of our main questions to get this thing going.  As always, easiest contact for a quick question is with a text to our office line 225-300-4975.

Your current 2020 CFBR Open Teams are listed below.  Get on a team if you hadn’t yet and let’s have some fun for another CFBR Open!

IMG 3867

2019 Group Pic from Friday Night Lights Week 1

Snatchue of Liberty (Color: Olive)

Taylor Presley – Captain

Alex Rodriguez

Ashley Boyce

Austin Ward

Christian Presley

Amanda Tucker

Elizabeth Bridges

George Davis

Ally Chagoya

Ben Schuler

Cole Hill

Jeremy Vezina


Blue Steel (Color: True Royal)

Shawn Blouin – Captain

Aaron Fast

Jessica Madere

Renee Watts

Jake Bartley

Troy Manuel

Tanya Bennett

Elyssa Luke

Mads Roubique

Ethan Daigle

Paul Breaux

Bonnie Davis


Black Mambas (Color: Black)

Courtney Lewis – Captain

Ashton Ward

Marshall Richard

Natalie Luke

Rahul Kumar

Tony Chagoya

Charlie Carmouche

Paul Macaluso

Sean Lechkun

Jon Allsop

Annette Springer


Purple Pistols (Color: Purple)

Amanda Dimm – Captain

Brooklyn Albin

Robby Drennan

Brian Leonard

Dwayne Dimm

Marshall Mills

Hamilton Mills

Brandi Putnam

Sadie Murry

Keagan Alexander

Jake Clise

Anthony Miller


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