Week Preview for 10/23/23

🔷 Deload Week on the strength cycle! You’ll see a lot of 12-10-8 this week to keep loads light to moderate while drilling in good habits you’ve learned over the last few weeks.

🔷 Welcoming Coach Maria this week! She’s bringing in years of coaching and CrossFit experience so we’re excited to have an excellent addition to the team. Go sign in for classes so she can get to know you all!

Welcome to Coach Maria!


Strength: Power Clean
Hero Workout: “The Chief” is intervals of Power Cleans, Push Ups, and Air Squats

Workout: Longer sweat with Cardio Options, Situps, and Up-Downs to a Plate

Strength: Overhead or Front Squat
Workout: Multiple intervals of Squats and Jump Rope. Either OHS-FS-Thruster or FS-Back Squat-Thruster along with Double or Single Unders

Workout: EMOM style with Cardio Choice, Plate Ground to Overhead, Rope Climbs, and a Static Hold option
Strength: Bench Press

Workout of the Week: a few rounds of 400m Runs, Deadlifts, and Handstand Push Ups followed by a few more rounds with Kettlebell Swings and Pull Ups making this a Diane and Helen mashup

Workout: Toes-to-Bar, Back Rack Lunges, and Box Jump Overs. As always, a Solo or Partner version is available!

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