Week Preview for 10/16/23

🔷 Week 3 of the current strength cycle so keep checking the loads from the previous week to increase as able!

🔷 The workout for the next day releases at 5pm in the BTWB app so you can click over to the next day and check things out. We do this so you can be prepared for class! The more you know what’s going on and what to expect, the more we can accomplish in the hour! Also be sure to keep logging those workouts in the BTWB app to be included in the monthly raffle drawing. Still plenty of time this month to be included….the app will tell you where you’re at on progress.

Rope Climbs before dawn
Rope climbing before dawn!


Strength: Overhead or Front Squat
Workout: Interesting AMRAP style that starts with a OHS/FS buy-in followed by rounds of Shoulder-to-Overhead & Jump Rope then finished with Max Reps OHS/FS in the remaining time

Strength: Power Clean
Workout: 200m Runs and Hang Power Cleans

Skill: Gymnastics Pressing
Workout: Strict Handstand Push Ups (or other gymnastic pressing), Box Jumps, Air Squats, and V-Ups

Workout: Rowing, Deadlifts, and Muscle Ups (or other gymnastic pulling) where you’ll partition reps however you’d like for a fun twist

Strength: Bench Press
Workout: Cardio Choice, Plate Ground to Overhead, and Walking Lunges

Strength: EMOM of Power Snatch + Hang Squat (or Power) Snatch
Workout of the Week: “Legends of the Hidden Temple” will have increasing barbell loads as you work through Wall Balls, Burpees over the Bar, and Hang Squat/Power Snatches. As always, there is a Partner Option as well!

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