Week Preview for 10/18/21

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Heavy barbell work is great, but when you have to do burpees and squats first???




Testing the Deadlift and Upper/Lower Endurance from our Level Method Assessments!  If you did miss Upper Body Pushing last week you could test that too as long as you aren’t in the Tabata Push Up section.  You can do the Tabata but odds are you won’t have arms left for the workout too.



Working overhead with the Push Jerk on triples.  Get challenging but not t0o crazy as we have more tests this week.  Workout has a descending ladder of Dumbbell Hang Snatches and 200m Runs.



Testing Aerobic Power Intervals!  Lots of volume on this one and knowing how to pace yourself.  If you’ve done it you can look back and see where to improve.  A rep here or there will bump you up a level!


Front Squat doubles for strength to kick off this session.  Get heavy but don’t blow yourself up.  We’ll have an opportunity to really test this next week.  Workout is an EMOM of Overhead Squats, Rowing, and Double Kettlebell Front Rack Holds.



Testing Weightlifting to end the work week!  Let’s get heavy with whatever section you’re on.  If you are in the Oly Total area, we are going to focus on the Clean & Jerk this week.  Conditioning is an interval workout of Power Cleans and Lateral Burpees over the Bar to finish things off.



Partner WOD has one working and one resting at all times working through 200m Runs, Pull Ups, and Air Squats.

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