Week Preview for 10/10/22

🔷 We are running a Level Method Make-Up day this Saturday (10/15) at 8am!  If you missed a test day that you were really looking forward to then get signed in to come and do it.  Please do sign in early in the week as we will cancel this session if no one can make it or needs to make up.

🔷 Bring-a-Friend Week coming soon (10/24 – 10/28)!  Do you have a friend who has been saying they need to get in shape or they’re interested in CrossFit but it’s intimidating?  Your friend will have the opportunity to visit 1 class that week to check things out and see we aren’t all that crazy.  We’ll be putting out further details on how to sign them up to your inbox so be on the lookout this week.

🔷 CFBR Fall Brawl is still set for Friday Night, November 11th so keep that evening open and be ready for sign up.


IMG 0399
Are you ready to challenge yourself for the 2022 CFBR Fall Brawl? (throwback to 2021 here)




Running and Thrusters to get things rolling!  We’ll be working heavy thrusters for a strength session then going super light for an interval workout with 400m Runs and Thrusters in remaining time.  There is a rest between rounds to keep intensity!



Strength time features gymnastics work with Strict Pull Ups and Hollow Rocks on an EMOM clock to keep moving.  Conditioning is an interval workout with Russian Kettlebell Swings, Burpees, and Double Unders.  Keeping that heart rate up on all but you do have a rest time in there too.



Practicing the Overhead Squat for strength time with triples.  MetCon is a quicker couplet of Single Arm Dumbbell Squat Cleans and Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Walking Lunges.



Hitting 8’s on the Shoulder Press for a nice upper body strength session followed by a triplet of 200m Runs, Box Jump Overs, and Toes-to-Bar.  Great conditioning and pushing the volume on T2B a bit.



Deadlift strength day focusing on good sets.  MetCon is an interval workout with Hang Power Cleans, Cal Rows, and Lateral Hops over the Barbell.



Chipper WOD!  This is setup as a partner workout but you can cut the reps in 1/2 for a solo workout.  Fun chipper of Wall Balls, Strict Handstand Push Ups, Hang Power Snatches, Box Jumps, Overhead Squats, and a longer Run to finish things out.


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