Week Preview for 1/10/22

🔷 We’ve got a few fun things to look forward to this week.  Continuing along with a mini-cycle of Back Squats as well as another session of Deadlifting after practicing the tempo work for awhile last month.  Interesting MetCons will be re-testing Open WOD 20.2 as well as an increasing load snatch workout on Tuesday and a chipper on Saturday.

🔷 You may see more past Open workouts over the next weeks as the 2022 Open will be here before you know it!  First workout will be on 2/25.


IMG 5163
Evening group working through cleans




Re-testing Open WOD 20.2!  Use the same version as last time to see progress.  If you do need to adjust things for today then do so how you normally would for a workout and just keep moving.  Quick Oly session for strength time practicing the Hang Clean.



Working an overhead complex of Push Press and Push Jerk for strength work.  MetCon has Power Snatches and Runs with a twist.  Each set of Power Snatches will increase load!  You will have the plates ready and safely out of the way but will have to change out your weights for each new set.  Be sure to plate up and not use a bunch of 10/15’s.



Hitting the Back Squat again for strength time.  Still doing volume with a 3×8.  If you did the 4×6 last week, see if you can do the same load or possibly a hair higher if you did go very light last week to get started.  Fun little triplet of Pull Ups, Burpees, and Med Ball Cleans on a short rep scheme will finish things off nicely.



Interval work for conditioning and a shoulder pump as you’ll have Parallette Pass Throughs, Cal Rows, and Box Jumps Overs.  Great day to get in practice where needed or cruise and get a sweat to break up the week.  Post WOD midline work of Alternating V-Ups and Hollow Rocks will close out the day.



Deadlift day!  Building to a challenging triple for strength time.  Descending ladder of Power Cleans and Dumbbell Snatches for the MetCon will get grippy and spicy!  Fun couplet to end the work week.



Partner WOD!  You’ve got 3 barbell movements + 3 gymnastic movements on this chipper.  Split reps with your partner as needed working through Overhead Squats, Front Squats, Back Squats, Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups, Pull Ups, and Toes-to-Bar.


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