Week Preview for 1/25/21

🔷 Registration has now opened for the CrossFit Games Open.  Visit games.crossfit.com for info and to sign up if you’d like to be on the worldwide leaderboard.  We’ll be hitting those workouts on Friday Night Lights again this year!  Those dates are 3/12, 3/19, and 3/26.

🔷 Do you have a movement or skill you’d like to improve upon before this year’s Open?  Close to a handstand push up or want to pull ups this year?  Let us know and we can discuss options to help you achieve that goal!

🔷 Reminder:  please take a moment and cancel your reserved class as early as possible if you cannot attend.  This will allow others to get your spot on busy times.  You can cancel anytime up until class time but you may only reserve up to one hour in advance.


IMG 5351
Group working on Rowing and Dumbbell Thrusters!




Practicing Hang Cleans for the strength time then a solid but moderate volume conditioning piece with Med Ball Cleans, Strict Ring Dips, and 400m Runs.



Spicy little couplet of Single-Arm Devil’s Press and Rowing for the conditioning portion.  You can choose your intensity based on the load and pace this day.  Prior to that we have Shoulder Press strength work.



Getting volume on Back Squats and Pull Ups.  Strength time is a 3 x 10 Back Squat then we have an AMRAP with 200m Runs and Pull Ups.  We’ll help you choose the variation and reps on pull ups.



Bench Day!  Building 5’s on bench press then an interval workout with Russian Kettlebell Swings, Double Unders, and Parallette Pass Throughs.  We’re going :40 ON / :20 OFF so you can choose your intensity.



Big barbell day!  Building to heavy singles on Clean & Jerk then we have a great barbell couplet of Clean & Jerks and Thrusters to end the work week.



Starting your weekend with a partner workout on an ascending ladder of Burpee Box Jump Overs and Toes-to-Bar. See how far you and your partner can get on this AMRAP clock!

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