Week Preview for 1/18/21

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IMG 6317
Paul working through Deadlifts




Let’s see if those extra push ups are paying off!  We have a gymnasty workout today consisting of Pull Ups, Push Ups, and Ab Mat Situps.  Prior to that hitting Push Press for moderate loading.  Practice using those hips!!!  Note:  you may want to plan around doing extra push ups today and spread them out over the week.



Hitting heavy Front Squat doubles to start the day.  Conditioning work is an ascending ladder of Box Jump Overs and 200m Runs so you’ll be able to put it on cruise control and move or push that pace if you went more moderate on the front squats.



Weightlifting practice to start the day with either Snatches or a Clean & Jerk variation if newer to that.  Workout is a shorter and higher intensity couplet of light Clean & Jerks and Bar-Facing Burpees.



Interval work on Cal Rows, Wall Balls, and Toes-to-Bar.  Goal is building volume on these movements today so the intensity level will depend on you and what you need out of the workout today.  Cash-out is finding a Max Set of Double Unders or Single Unders.



Heavy Day!  Hitting Deadlifts mainly to warmup for the workout and find our appropriate loading.  Workout is a triplet of Heavy Deadlifts, Strict Handstand Push Ups, and 100m Runs.  Stay focused on form and keep moving.



Partner workout with dumbbells to kick off the weekend.  Single-arm Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks, Single-arm Dumbbell Front Squats, and Double Unders.  You’ll be splitting work as needed with your partner.



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