Week Preview for 1/2/23

🥳 Happy New Year!  Excited to see what all 2023 will bring.

🔷 This is a time of year where we’re all engaged and ready to regain some of the fitness lost through the holidays.  There have been vacations, sickness, etc. keeping many out of the gym.  If that is you or if you just haven’t been taking care of yourself as much, focus on consistency in and out of the gym to start.  Many think more workouts per day is the answer or going heavier/harder and it is not.  The “out of the gym” time consistency is the most important.  Drink plenty of water, get quality sleep, and eat quality foods as well as enough of them.  Those things will improve recovery to allow you to begin going heavier, harder, and feel great while doing it!

🔷 Schedule:  9am Only on Monday 1/2.  20 spots only so get signed in early and please cancel early if you will not make it.  Early means the night before so everyone can plan ahead.


IMG 3103
Early morning wall balls! “Please hit the target.”




Kicking off the new year with a simple yet effective workout that will give you a full body feel.  This triplet has Single Arm Dumbbell Squat Cleans, Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press, and Double Unders.  It’s on an AMRAP clock so you can control your intensity with loading and pace choices.  Post-WOD Accessory work with Banded Face Pull Aparts, Banded Tricep Extensions, and Banded Curls.



Quick Deadlift session working sets of 5 across at a moderate load.  Another AMRAP so you can control your intensity with Strict Pull Ups, Box Jump Overs, and Lunges.  Challenge your pulling to build strength while getting in conditioning work.



Working 10’s on the Shoulder Press for a solid upper body strength session.  Focus on your bar path to get that next 5-10 pounds.  Finishing it off with 200m Runs, Push Ups, and light Hang Power Cleans to keep you moving.



Big conditioning day with an interval workout of Cal Rowing, Double Unders, and Russian Kettlebell Swings.  Post-WOD Accessory work includes Single Arm Kettlebell High Pulls and 1/2 Kneeling Single Arm Dumbbell Press.  This is a light session for shoulder health and a cool-down.



Pause Front Squats for strength time to drill in better positions with time under tension!  Fun chipper-ish WOD to end the work week with Dumbbell Snatches, Knees-to-Elbow, Toes-to-Bar, and Pull Ups.



Quick rounds with a rest working on Power Cleans, Push Jerks, and Lateral Burpees over the Bar.  This can be a partner workout alternating full rounds or turned into a solo workout shooting for 1:1 rest between rounds.  We’ll help you figure that out based on your pace.

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