Week Preview for 1/16/23

🔷 No Rep!  This isn’t fun to hear but as we approach “The Open” we do need to address this so it’s not an issue.  It’s one thing to keep yourself accountable during a class workout and a totally different situation to workout or judge during the open.  Be a good person while judging and/or working out!  Stay accountable so when we retest we really know if we’re improving or not.  Also understand that it’s okay to give or receive a “no rep” during a testing workout as that’s part of the game.


🔷 The CFBR Open 2023 is almost here!  Our main event is Friday Night Lights which is 3 events of fitness and friends starting on 2/17/23.  More info to come on that soon.  For now, keep up with your training so the workouts are more fun!  If you have any specific skill goals to achieve by then such as double unders, toes-to-bar, pull ups, etc. reach out and we can discuss options for you to get there faster!


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Tony working through lunges




Kicking off the week doing volume on the Shoulder Press again as we continue to get stronger there.  MetCon is a triplet of Box Jumps, Hang Power Cleans, and Push Jerks that will keep you moving and getting fitter!



Conditioning day!  You need this whether you like it or not.  We have higher intensity days on MW so get it in and move here.  We’re doing Rows & Runs with a rest between rounds.  Post-WOD accessory work features uni-lateral work of Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlift & Single-Arm Ring Rows.



Spicy and CrossFit-y workout coming at you today  Skill time has a Clean Pull + Clean + Thruster complex to prep for the workout.  It’s a two-parter of Front Squats and Pull Ups then Thrusters and Toes-to-Bar.



Testing day!  Neuro and Core Endurance is our focus  (Annie) then we have accessory of Farmer Carries, Hip Extensions, and Monster Walks.



Building to a heavy Deadlift after training the couple of weeks.  Go heavy if feeling good or get in some training.  Conditioning has 200m Runs, Russian Kettlebell Swings, and a variations of the Strict Handstand Push Up.  Have some fun and get a good workout to end the week.



Partner WOD working through Overhead Squats, Burpee Box Jump Overs, and Toes-to-Bar.  You’re splitting reps as needed so make a plan and help each other out.


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