Week Preview for 1/15/24

CF BR Fit Dec White 2
2024 CFBR Open Design


Strength: Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
Workout: Double Unders, Pull Ups, and heavier Power Cleans

Workout: short Cardio and Wall Balls
Strength: Back Squat

Workout: intervals of 400m Runs, Russian KB Swings, and max effort Toes-to-Bar

Skill: Handstand Push Up
Workout of the Week: Push Press (increasing load), Box Jumps (increasing height), and Up-Downs

Workout: Rowing and light Deadlifts
Strength: Deadlift

Skill: Gymnastic PullIng
Workout: Open WOD 22.3 includes Pull Ups, C2B, Bar Muscle Ups, Double Unders, and Thrusters

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