Week Preview for 9/7/20

🔷 Labor Day (Monday 9/7) is 9am ONLY

🔷 We hope you all have enjoyed the long weekend and are safe on any travels.  When you do get back in town jump in on a class!  If you splurged a little it’s no big deal, just modify your loads/volume/intensity to come in and get a good sweat.  Many of us could use a little recharge weekend and then get back on it!


IMG 5542
Sean hitting the heavy day with a 405# Deadlift




Labor Day!  Partner Workout where you’ll alternate full rounds of Deadlifts, Wall Balls, and Strict Knees-to-Elbow.  The reps gets shorter at the halfway mark so you can keep moving!



Power Clean & Jerk triples for practice then a triplet of 400m Runs, Power Cleans, and Push Jerks.  Fun barbell workout!



Interval work going 3:00 ON / 3:00 OFF with Cal Rowing, Russian KB Swings, and Burpees.  This one is sure to get the heart pumping.



Bench Day!!  Then hitting a gymnastic strength based EMOM with Strict Handstand Push Ups, Strict Pull Ups, and Pistols.  Lower intensity day to recover from the week and prepare for the next days.



Tempo Front Squats then an AMRAP triplet of Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters, Box Jump Overs, and Single-Arm Dumbbell Squat Cleans.  Lots of legs to end the work week. 



Partner workout where you’ll alternate rounds of Push Ups, Pull Ups, and 200m Runs then chip through a bunch of Deadlifts and Hang Power Cleans together.

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