Week Preview for 9/27/21

🔷 Good luck to our team out at the Pensacola Beach Brawl this weekend.  Hope you all have fun out there!


IMG 8859
Ethan, Marshall, Madison, and Amanda at the Beach Brawl!




Working on single leg strength along with a longer but steady conditioning workout.  Double Dumbbell Box Step Ups for strength work then a triplet of Burpees, Overhead Plate Lunges, and Box Jumps.



Weighted Strict Pull Ups for strength work then we have an ascending ladder AMRAP of Pull Ups and Dumbbell Hang Snatches.  Upper body focus today.



Continuing the Pause Back Squats this week with less reps on a 4 x 3 so increase load from last week as able.  Interval work afterwards with Cal Rows and Double Unders.  This way you can hit the strength hard then go at whatever pace needed for the workout.



Clean & Jerk day!  Working a complex to start then we have an EMOM of Heavy Clean & Jerks and Wall Balls.



Hitting Deadlifts on a 4 x 2 and increasing from last week.  Fun and challenging pyramid workout with Toes-to-Bar, Runs, and Deadlifts.



Partner WOD with Rowing and a light barbell doing Hang Power Snatches and Overhead Squats.  Nice longer workout again to kick off the weekend.


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