Week Preview for 7/4/22

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IMG 1801
Jean Paul practicing the Overhead Squat during a strength period




Happy 4th!  We’ve got a fun Partner chipper with lots of movements including Runs, Overhead Squats, Front Squats, Back Squats, Pull Ups, and Toes-to-Bar.



Going overhead with the Push Press for strength time focusing on using those hips.  Quick AMRAP couplet with the Hang Clean & Jerk and Push Ups will keep that heart rate up and give a nice shoulder pump too.



Working a Snatch complex to drill in good habits before taking on Power Snatches and 200m Runs with a rest.  Good opportunity to challenge the loading and run pace a little as volume is low and you have a quick rest built in.



Longer AMRAP working through Single-Arm Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans, Single-Dumbbell Box Step Ups, and Double Unders.  Great day for legs and conditioning!



Deadlifts for strength working triples today!  MetCon has a fun triplet with Burpee Strict Pull Ups, Russian Kettlebell Swings, and Ab Mat Situps.



Spicy Partner WOD!  The good news is you are splitting the reps as needed so grab someone fitter then you to work through Cal Rows, Push Jerks, and Wall Balls. 😉

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