Week Preview for 7/18/22

🔷 CFBR Summer League is this Saturday and will run from 8am until finished (done by 1pm-2pm at latest with your attention and participation).  If you hadn’t yet gotten your name/team on the board, do so by Tuesday as we’ll be planning heats after that and will not make changes.  Stay on your training this week so you can participate safely!

🔷 Class WOD volume and intensity will be based around those that may be participating in Summer League on Saturday.  We want to train + compete smart and safely!  Don’t over or under do-it this week.  A lack of training this week and over the last few weeks will likely lead to an injury if you push it on Saturday.


IMG 1105
Ally working on Dumbbell Snatches




Going overhead with the jerk (push or split) during strength time then a quick MetCon with Dumbbell Snatches and Box Jump Overs.  Both movements will be keeping that heart rate high but keep moving.



Practicing the clean for strength time following by another shorter WOD with Power Cleans and Pull Ups.



Hitting Pause and regular Front Squats followed by rowing and bodyweight.  Hit the strength time hard if feeling good since the workout is light with Rowing, Air Squats, and Push Ups.



Longer one today working an “Annie with Burpees” that will be a descending ladder of Double Udders, Ab Mat Situps, and Burpees.  Post-WOD has a quick session of Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts and 1/2 Kneeling Single-Arm Dumbbell Presses.



Keep this a lighter technique day if doing Summer League on Saturday.  Power Snatches for strength time then a triplet of Wall Balls, Hang Power Snatches, and 200m Runs for conditioning.



CFBR Summer League!  WODs to be released later this week.


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