Week Preview for 6/20/22

🔷 Happy Father’s Day to all of our awesome, strong dads out there!

🔷 Save the Date: July 23rd for our annual CFBR Summer League!  Checking on a few more things and then we’ll finalize it.  Details coming soon!


IMG 2029
Lucas working a great extension during a clean workout




Kicking off the week with Deadlift triples.  Get a little heavy but not too crazy here.  MetCon is a solid triplet of Box Jumps, Wall Balls, and Dumbbell Snatches so get ready to breathe heavy for awhile.



Working the Shoulder Press for strength time then hitting a classic looking WOD with Pull Ups, 400m Runs, and Push Jerks at a challenging load.



Power Clean singles for strength work!  Aren’t singles the best?  They’re definitely the most fun.  MetCon is a grindy AMRAP of Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts and Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges.  For most this will just be slow and steady building strength and conditioning.



Longer AMRAP for the MetCon with Russian Kettlebell Swings, Parallette Pass Throughs, and Ab Mat Situps.  Post-WOD accessory work has Lateral Plate Raises, Banded Tricep Extensions, and Hollow Rocks.



Back Squat strength day working sets of 5.  Conditioning is an interval workout with 250m Rows and Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters.  Short and spicy rounds but you’ll have a rest too.



Partner WOD!  You’re alternating full rounds with your partner today working on Toes-to-Bar, light Power Snatches, and 80m Runs.  This will be another one with quick rounds and a quick rest.


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