Week Preview for 3/8/21

🔷 The first workout of the 2021 CrossFit Open starts this Friday!  Facility will open at 4:30pm and we will review Workout 21.1 at 5pm then run heats until everyone has participated.  Add your name to a heat on the whiteboard when you arrive.  Please sign in early this week on your ZP app so we can have a headcount to make appropriate heats.

🔷 Shirt order should arrive at the gym this week.  I’ll message out when they do!

🔷 Reminder: 5am, 6am, and 9am are regular classes on Friday and we will not split into groups for judging purposes. Scores from those workouts will count for participation but not eligible for the leaderboard. You MUST come to the Friday Night Lights event if you registered on the worldwide CrossFit Games leaderboard or want to earn extra points by scoring high for your team.


IMG 7837
Marshall working on deadlifts during our Fall Brawl event last year




Working a snatch complex for practice then we have a two part workout that involves a light barbell for Overhead Squats, Power Snatches, and 400m Runs.



Bench Day followed by a great conditioning triplet of Box Jump Overs, Russian Kettlebell Swings, and Ab Mat Situps.



Tempo Front Squats to drill in quality positions then we have a couplet of Clean & Jerks and Double Unders.  This will be multiple cycles with rest in between.



Taking it a little easier today since we do not know what Friday’s workout is yet.  Announcement will be tonight though!  Shoulder Press for strength work then 200m Runs, Wall Balls, and Strict Pull Ups on what is meant to be a lower volume workout.  We’ll help you adjust as needed!



Open WOD 21.1 is TBA



We’re planning a partner workout that’ll involve Farmer Carries, Cal Rows, Runs, and Dumbbell movements.  Waiting to find out the Friday Open workout so we can finalize it!

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