Week Preview for 12/18/23

🔷 CFBR: AT-HOME is now CFBR: On-The-Go in your btwb app because these are great for travel as well as at-home. Busy during the holidays and can’t get to a class? Check out the “OTG” programming in your app to grab a sweat anywhere with limited to no equipment.

🔷 Closed on Christmas Day

Elizabeth hang clean
Coach Elizabeth rolling through hang cleans


Benchmark Workout: “Cali Bear” has Heavy Clean & Jerks every :30

Workout: Box Step Overs, Burpee to Target, Box Jumps, and 100m Runs
Strength: Ring Dip

Strength: Squats! Can be Back, Front, or Overhead Squat
Workout: OH or Front Squats and Rowing (or Run/Bike)

Workout: EMOM of KB Goblet Lunges, Cardio Choice, max rep Situps, and a quick rest
Skill: Toes-to-Bar

Strength: Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch
Workout: interval work with Power Snatches and Push Ups

Benchmark Workout: “12 Days of CrossFit BR” – performed like the song goes so give it a listen on the way! 12 different movements so please check out the workout and modifications before coming in as we won’t have much time before starting this one!

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