Week Preview for 12/14/20

🔷 Congrats on all of the PRs we are seeing from this testing period!  Keep up the consistency and we’ll keep seeing progress.

🔷 We do have a few more opportunities for Level Method Testing this week.  Check your old scores and come in with a plan!  As always, our coaches will help you adjust anything as needed if not up for testing.

🔷 This Saturday is the 12 Days of CrossFit BR Workout!!!!  Sign in early as we will cap at 20.  It is also a longer workout so clear a little extra time in your morning.

🔷 Schedule:  Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve we will have 9am Only.  We will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  I know we’re all ready for 2021 to get here!


IMG 6458
Talia working on Front Squats during Fall Brawl




Snatch day!  If you are Brown II or higher in Weightlifting you’ll have opportunity to test your Snatch 1RM today then we’ll have a Clean & Jerk session next week.  Conditioning is a triplet of 400m Runs, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, and Overhead Squats.



Level Method Testing the Aerobic Power Intervals workout.  Check your old scores and make a plan to bump it up a little.  If you’ve recently tested or not 100% this day just hit it and get a good workout.



Level Method Testing with options on the Run or Row test again.  Hit whatever you didn’t last week.  If you do the Row test this will likely be all you do.  If you Run and want something afterwards we’ll have a Box Squat session or you could do skill work on another movement of choice.



Bench Day!  Conditioning is a couplet of 200m Runs and Heavier Push Jerks.



Tempo Front Squats for strength work then a pyramid workout with 500m Rows, Single-Arm Dumbbell Squat Cleans, and Double Unders.



12 Days of CrossFit BR!  It’s holiday tradition we’ve done since 2012.  The workout is performed just like the song…..On the 1st day of Christmas my CrossFit Coach gave to me, 1 Snatch.  On the 2nd day of Christmas my CrossFit Coach gave to me 2 Handstand Push Up, 1 Snatch.  And it goes on and on until you finish starting at 12 down to 1.  It’s a longer workout so clear your morning!

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