Week Preview for 11/8/21

🔷 Fall Brawl is this Friday night!  There will be no evening classes due to the event.  Morning classes will be dependent on early sign ups.  Deadline to sign up for Fall Brawl is Monday 11/8 so grab a partner if you hadn’t yet and post in the private FB group or at the PR board in the gym.  Shoot a text to the gym if you need help.

🔷 WODs 1 & 2 have been posted to the private FB group with WOD 3 coming on Monday.  Another blog with details and standards will also be released on Monday.

🔷 We just finished a great round of Level Method Assessments so we’ll have new certificates for everyone who achieved a new Overall Level!  There’s a bunch printed so we’ll be doing group pics with those before classes.


IMG 5880
Throw back to the 2020 Fall Brawl and a Happy Birthday Weekend to Coach Christian!




Starting off the week with an opportunity to 1RM that Push Jerk we’ve been working on over the last few weeks.  Workout is a lot of rounds on short reps of Deadlifts, Push Ups, and 100m Runs.  Consistent moving for your first WOD this week.



We recently testing the Front Squat during this round of Level Method Assessments and now we’re going to start back light with higher reps and clean up those issues you may have had in your heavier loads.  Big focus on form in the strength portion as we’re going to drop the load to super light for the workout doing Strict Pull Ups, Front Squats, and Ab Mat Situps.



Practicing the snatch during strength time.  Mixing things up with some below the knee hang snatches which are challenging but will greatly improve your lifts.  Workout is interesting with a few separate AMRAPs to test your muscle endurance as well as conditioning.  Movements there will be Strict Handstand Push Ups, Single-Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings, and Bar-Facing Burpees.



Workout will be :45 ON / :15 OFF with Cal Rows and Dumbbell Snatches.  If you are competing tomorrow and you want to come in and move then keep it light and low intensity here.  If you aren’t competing tomorrow then push the intensity on your rows and challenge the load and speed on snatches.  Post WOD has a little core work of Hollow Rocks and Russian Twists.



FALL BRAWL!  The event will be from 5pm-8pm (ish).  We will plan to have morning classes as long as we have people signed in well in advance.  Evening classes are cancelled for the event so you should’ve grabbed a partner and be participating!



Partner WOD with Double Unders, Wall Balls, and Rowing.  You’ll be splitting reps as needed with your partner but there is a fun twist today where you can complete the reps in any order instead of chipper style.  If you did compete Friday and are a little sore we’ll help you adjust any volume to just move today.  I would highly recommend going for a walk and do some mobility work today if you aren’t coming to the gym and competed at Fall Brawl.  Help reduce any soreness by moving!


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