Week Preview for 11/15/21

🔷 New deadline for shirt order is today!  Our girl was out of office on Friday so we’ll put the order in first thing Monday morning.  Check the FB group and your email for the link to order.

🔷 We hope everyone enjoyed the CFBR Fall Brawl event this past Friday night.  It was a great time having fun with our fitness and we saw lots of PRs on the Clean Ladder too!  Thanks for everyone who came out to compete, judge, volunteer, and spectate!  The pic attached here is one of the reasons we do these events.  There’s nothing like a PR on an event night.

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Elizabeth hitting a PR on the clean ladder at CFBR Fall Brawl




Snatch complex!  Working technique again to improve this movement for safety and PRs.  Fun interval workout doing 400m Runs and a max rep of a barbell movement in the remaining time.  Barbell may be squat snatches, power snatches, or a clean variation depending on your experience.



Longer AMRAP today with big sets of Box Jumps, Renegade Rows, No Arm Situps, and Lateral Burpees over a DB.  Find a steady pace early and try to watch your rest times.  Post WOD has a arm pump of DB Curls and DB Tricep Extensions.



Front Squats for strength increasing load from last week and dropping reps down to 6’s and 4’s.  Get excited for the MetCon because we have an oldie but goodie benchmark workout named “Jackie” to tackle.  It’s a quick chipper of Rowing, Thrusters, and Pull Ups.



Hitting triples on Hang Power Cleans for strength time building to something heavy for the day.  Workout is light but challenging cruising through the triplet of Hang Power Cleans, Front Rack Lunges, and Wall Balls.



Working a lot of gymnastics strength this day.  Strength time has Weighted Pull Ups and Strict Ring Dips then a quick AMRAP of Knees-to-Elbow and Double Unders for conditioning.



Partner WOD consists of Cal Rows, Kettlebell Swings, and Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls.  You’ll have 1 working and 1 resting at all times so split it up as needed.


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