Week Preview for 8/24/20

🔷 What are you doing in your 23 hours outside of the gym?  The foods you consume, amount of water you intake, and the amount of sleep and rest you get are all important to your success in health and fitness.  If you want to hit it harder in the gym, you have to hit your other 23 hours harder and stay consistent.


🔷 Looks like rain all week with these dual storms so lucky you no running planned for now.  If you like to run I’d recommend getting outside on your own when you can this week.


🔷 Run Clinic is this Saturday, August 29th.  Only a couple spots left so check with a coach if you want to get added!


🔷 We also just announced that we’ll be doing an in-house competition similar to the Open this fall since the Open is moved back to February.  Save your Friday nights on 10/16, 10/23, and 10/30.


IMG 5358
Jonathan and the group hitting the rowers.




Push Press strength work then a pyramid of moderate Power Cleans and Push Ups.



Hitting 10’s on Back Squat.  We’re planning to test Squat Endurance next week so if you’ve tested into the 20RM (BROWN I) check your next level and test it out or near it for 10 this week to prep.  Little chipper workout after with Weighted Box Step Ups, Ab Mat Situps, and Double Unders.



Level Method Testing – Rings.  See if you can level up or do some work for next time.  Longer triplet of Pull Ups, Russian KB Swings, and Dumbbell Push Jerks.



Snatch Complex for practice then an EMOM style workout with Overhead Squats and Rowing for Cals.



Heavy Deadlifts to end the week.  If the iron is hot then check your Levels and see if you can move up.  No need if not feeling it this day.  Low rep scheme AMRAP of Strict Handstand Push Up, Toes-to-Bar, and Dumbbell Snatches to keep you moving to end the week.



Teams of 2 will work together to grind out Wall Balls, Double Unders, Power Cleans, and Push Press in a chipper style workout. 

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