Week Preview for 7/19/21

IMG 7560
Grace working through Dumbbell Snatches




Taking a deload on the Back Squats this week in preparation to max it out next week.  Keep it light and work on positions.  Workout is short intervals of Rowing and Front Squats.



Quick Deadlift session with moderate loading then a spicy couplet of Chest to Bar Pull Ups and Burpee Box Jump Overs on a descending ladder.



Bench Press session coupled with Push Ups immediately after each set.  Light workout is intervals of Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Shoulder Press, and Front Rack Lunges.



Conditioning and core day on a longer AMRAP.  Ab Mat Situps, 200m Runs, Bodybuilders, and Hollow Rocks will get you a good sweat today and have you ready to finish the week strong.



Practicing the Clean & Jerk with a complex then taking on the popular benchmark workout “Grace” which is 30 Clean & Jerk for time.  Short but tough one!



Partner WOD is a long AMRAP where you’re alternating 200m Runs then splitting Dumbbell Snatches and Double Unders as needed to work through as much as possible together.

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