Week Preview for 6/29/20

🔷 This Saturday is the 4th of July so we’ll be doing a Hero WOD!  We’ve chosen to repeat our 2019 workout, “Hotshots 19” to celebrate the holiday and re-test that fitness.  Sign in now to make sure you have a spot.

🔷 We start a new month this week so it’s a good time to think about any goals you may want to work on.  Where can you improve this month?  Will you meal prep each week?  Stay consistent with 4-5 workouts each week?  Spend 10 minutes per day on mobility?  There are many things to choose from and we usually want to do them all but that becomes overwhelming.  Choose 1 area to focus on and improve this month and let us know what it is so we can help!


IMG 4607
Class getting fit under Coach Christian’s watchful eye




CrossFit: Power Clean + Push Jerk strength then Power Cleans, Front Squats, and Push Ups

At-Home: DB Power Clean, DB Front Squat, and Push Up

Bodyweight: Broad Jumps, Air Squats, and Push Ups

Notes:  We’re hitting the C&J for strength/skill work then there’s a buy-in and buy-out of Power Cleans on this one.  Great full body day to start the week.



CrossFit: Pull Ups and Dumbbell Snatches

At-Home: Pull Ups (or DB Rows) and Dumbbell Snatches

Bodyweight: Lunges and Burpees

Notes:  Interval work going 3:00 minutes on and 2:00 off.  This helps keep quality and intensity through work periods as this one may get grippy.



CrossFit: Back Squat strength then Box Jumps and Handstand Push Ups

At-Home: Box Jumps and Handstand Push Ups (or DB Press)

Bodyweight: Jumping Squats and Situps

Notes:  Continuing to build on the squatting strength we’ve been doing since quarantine then hitting a quick AMRAP afterwards for overhead strength and plyometrics. 



CrossFit: Deadlift strength then 200m Runs and Russian KB Swings

At-Home: 200m Runs and Russian DB Swings

Bodyweight: 200m Run Intervals

Notes:  Building on the deadlift strength work then AMRAP of Runs and Swings to complement for conditioning work.



CrossFit: Push Press strength then Toes-to-Bar, Push Jerk, and Bar-Facing Burpee

At-Home: T2B, DB Push Jerk, and DB Facing Burpee

Bodyweight: V-Up, Push Up, and Burpee

Notes:  Keeping moving on this triplet with higher rounds and shorter reps.  Fun end to the week with this classic looking CrossFit workout.



CrossFit: Air Squat, Power Clean, Strict Pull Up, and 400m Runs

At-Home: Air Squat, DB Power Clean, Strict Pull Up, and 400m Runs

Bodyweight: 400m Runs and Air Squats

Notes:  Celebrating the 4th with a Hero WOD called “Hotshots 19”.  This is a re-test from 2019.  At-Home version will be toned down for those not wanting to go really long alone.

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