Meet the Client – Sadie

Client Highlight: Sadie Murry

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Sadie giving us a “fun” smile for the camera

1) What got you started at CrossFit BR?

I had just moved to Baton Rouge (well Prairieville) from Austin in 2015 and I was looking for a new box.  I had been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half and wanted to continue after I moved.  I dropped in to CFBR and it was very similar to the box I had previously belonged to in Austin.  The atmosphere, the coaches, and the classes all made me feel comfortable. It was an easy transition!

2) What is a fitness accomplishment you’re most proud of? 

In general I’m most proud that I have stuck with CrossFit for this long.  Before I started CrossFit, I had gone to gyms on and off, had run some half marathons, but never really committed to any sort of exercise regimen.  Halloween 2019 was my 6 year CrossFit anniversary.  I’m thankful to have found something I enjoy so much that I continue to want to go every day.

Movement or strength wise, I impress myself with things I have accomplished over the years.  Strict and kipping pull ups, toes to bar, [that one time I did] muscle ups, adding weight to any of my lifts.  It’s just crazy to me how far I’ve come yet can still improve and work to get faster and stronger.

Crushing some heavy deadlifts in The Open

3) How do you stay motivated to continue training? 

As stated previously, always being able to improve and get stronger has kept me motivated to continue!  Even though there have been times (especially this past year) where I’ve felt less than motivated to workout or even show up to the gym, I kept coming because I always knew I would feel better even just moving around and being surrounded by other people who also enjoy working out.  This Open definitely motivated me because I didn’t even think I was going to be able to participate and I ended up surprising myself with most of the workouts!  I had to push through the difficult or less than motivating times to realize what a big impact CrossFit and the CrossFit BR community has on my life and my mental well being!  It’s not just a gym, but a great community of supportive, STRONG people!

IMG 3634
Sadie & Amanda practicing those Overhead Squats
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