Meet the Client – Brian

Client Highlight: Brian Leonard

IMG 0932
Brian doing work with the dumbbell

What got you started at CrossFit?

I started CF to get in shape for a surfing trip. It was only supposed to be for 1 month but was hooked after the first class. Now still going at it 8 years later.

Why did you choose CrossFit BR?

Due to the wide range of class offerings, programming, and location  I decided to see what CrossFit BR was like. They had another location closer to me but did not like how it was in a shopping center. I was sold right away because to me it is how a CF box should be: structured, clean, organized, bay doors, a place to run safely, and one could tell that the owner put money back into the box.  

IMG 5927
Crushing those push ups

Why do you stay at CrossFit BR?

Most people say they enjoy the community and friends. I believe you will find this at any box if you put forth the effort and your personality fits. Don’t get me wrong, the community here is amazing but I stay because of the owner Dwayne. He truly cares about your fitness and obtaining your personal goals. He also takes pride in what he has to offer people and it shows by how he is investing back into the box. Here are a few examples: the coaches he brings on, he buys new equipment when needed, bought a huge fan b/c his clients said he needed one, pays for the Level Method training guide, and pays to have the box disinfected monthly. I can continue if you need but think you got my point. What Dwayne has done here is unique and I am grateful because without CrossFit BR no telling how bad my fitness would be. 

What is a fitness accomplishment you’re most proud of?

My fitness level today. Been able to get here by staying consistent over the years, dropping my ego, and doing what is best for me vs trying to compete with everyone. 

How do you stay motivated to continue training?

Simple, I’m closer to 46 than 45 years old with two young children, 8 & 4. I enjoy playing with them but in order to keep up one must continue training given how active they are. Plus, I go on a surfing trip and do 1-2 Sprint Tri’s a year with my friends and family. No way would l be able to do any of these things if I did not stay motivated. 

Can’t thank Dwayne and the coaches at CrossFit BR enough for what they do everyday. 

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