Week Preview for 7/1/24

🔷 New month! It’s hot so stay hydrated and stay consistent. Lower the intensity of your workouts as needed as something is better than nothing.

🔷 4th of July: 9am Only. Class times Thursday and Friday are subject to change if we see lack of sign ins with people traveling, etc.

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Strength: Deadlift
Workout: Air Squat, DB Hang Snatch, Strict Knees-to-Elbow

Strength: Shoulder Press
Workout: quality day with heavy DB Step Ups, Barbell Rows, and 200m Runs

Strength: complex with Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, and Push Jerk
Workout: sprint intervals with Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, Push Jerk, and Bar-Facing Burpee

Workout: long day with Running, Pull Up, Rowing, and AbMat Situp

Strength: Front Squat
Workout: intervals of Cal Rowing and Thruster

Strength: Hang Snatch
Workout: ascending ladder of Russian KB Swing and Push Up

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