Week Preview for 6/24/24

🔷 We’ll be putting all of the notes and adjustment options into the Level 1 version of the daily workout so be sure to check there! As always, you can mix and match the levels to make your best workout.

Elizabeth jerk
Elizabeth finishing a barbell complex


Strength: Snatch Pull + Power Snatch
Workout: intervals of Burpee, Box Jump, and Power Snatch

Strength: Pause Front Squat
Workout: Hang Squat Clean, Pull Up

Strength: Bench Press
Workout: Run, Alternating V-Up, and Push Up

Workout: Row, Russian KB Swing, and Walking Lunge
Accessory: Cuban Press, Lateral Raise, Side Plank

Strength: Clean & Jerk
Workout: Clean & Jerk, Toes-to-Bar, Double Under

Workout: Run, Strict Pull Up, Up-Down, and Single-Arm DB Thruster
Accessory: DB Curl, Single-Leg KB Deadlift

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