Week Preview for 5/6/24

🔷 We’ll see benchmark workout “Cindy” this week which is a great gymnastics test and prep with “Murph” coming up at the end of the month. You’ll also have a few opportunities for heavy lifts and dialing in technique.

Tony Deadlift
Tony hitting some heavier deadlifts


Strength: Deadlift
Workout: Ascending ladder of light Power Cleans and Front Rack Lunges

Strength: Push Press
Workout: EMOM of 200m Run, DB Hang Snatch, V-Up, and Double Under

Benchmark Workout: “Cindy” – Pull Up, Push Up, and Air Squat
Post-WOD: Mobility -OR- Run/Jog 1Mile

Workout: Box Jump, AbMat Situp, and Cal Rows on an interval format
Accessory: Cuban Press, Lateral Raise, and Front Raise

Strength: Front Squat
Workout: Thruster, Farmer Carry, and Bar-Facing Burpee

Strength: Snatch Pull + Power Snatch
Workout: Toes-to-Bar, Power Snatch, and 200m Run

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